What do I need to enter my car?

All you have to do is bring the car along with the logbook and an MOT if it has one. The sooner the car is here the more time we can advertise it on our online catalogue which means the more people get to see it.

Entries accepted up to 2pm on sale date. Entries after 2pm will be entered into next available auction.


When are the auctions?

Modern auctions are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm.

Plant and Machinery auctions are held every last Wednesday of the month from 11am.

Van and Light commercial auctions are held every last Thursday of the month from 11am.

Monthly Timed auctions are held every last Wednesday of the month through to the Friday at 10:30am.

Classic Auctions take place quarterly from 11am.

The Auction office is open Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.


How do I set up an account?

You must be a motor trader / dealer to have an account. All you do is email over your traders license (if not applicable please send VAT certificate) along with company headed paper and your driving license.



Can I put a reserve on my car?

Yes you can put any reserve on the vehicle, although when you come in to book your vehicle in staff will advise you on how much your vehicle is likely to achieve through the auction.


How much does it cost?

There is a £25 entry fee which entitles you to two sales and 10% commission when the car is sold (This is subject to a minimum of £50) charges are subject to VAT. All fees are charged when the car is sold, if unsold the £25 + VAT is applicable on collection of vehicle.


Does it cost any extra to put on a reserve?



If I sell my car through the auction when do I receive payment for it?

Cheques are posted out 7 days after date of sale.