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Plant Auction FAQs

On-Line Registration & Bidding

Q. How can I register to bid On-Line?

A. Click here to be redirected to our registration page.

Q. Can I register to view this auction only?

A: Yes, please contact our auction team using the details at the bottom of this page to discuss this further. Please remember by registering to VIEW ONLY you will not have the facility to bid on any of your lots.

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit to register On-Line

A. Yes, we require a £500 deposit which will be taken from your debit/credit card prior to supplying you with your login details for the sale.

Q. What will my deposit be used for?

A. The deposit is held as security against any items you may bid for.

Q. When will I get my deposit back?

A. Your deposit will be returned in full within 48 hours of the closing of the sale. We aim to return this to you as soon as we can after the sale. If you are the winning bidder on any lots your deposit will be held until such time as your account is settled in full.

Q. I registered on-line for your last auction. Do I need to re-register?

A. Yes, all bidders must register for all sales in order to receive their unique bidding number for that sale.

Q. How do I register to bid on-site?

A. Visit the Admin Office on sale day and complete a bidders’ registration card. If you would like to download a copy of this form and complete it before arriving on-site you can download a copy from here.


Q. Do I need to pay a deposit to register on-site?

A. No deposit is required if on-site bidders have photo ID with current address. However, if no ID, £500 deposit may be accepted at our discretion. Also please be aware that under certain conditions a deposit may apply, for example when items being exported.


Payment & collection

Q. When can I pay for my items?

A. If you have bid for an item on site this can be paid for on-site at our admin office shortly after the auction has finished.

Q. What methods can I use to pay for my items?

A. You can pay via Cash (maximum of £1000 accepted), Debit Card, Credit Card (contains a surplus charge of 1.5) or Bank Transfer. We do not accept Cheques or Bankers Drafts and cannot take payment over the telephone.

Q. What happens with a provisional bid?

A. Our auction team will deal with these and contact the vendor to find out if they will accept your provisional bid. If accepted this will be added to your statement. If the vendor is not happy to accept the provisional bid the auction team will contact you on the telephone number given during your registration process and advise you of the minimum amount the vendor will accept.

Q. When can I recollect the items from your yard?

A. This will be on completion of the auction and once full payment of your invoice has been received.

Q. Can I collect my items on a Saturday or Sunday?

A. Unfortunately not. Our yard is open Monday to Friday, 0900 to 1630.