Buyers Guide

Important Information

If you are attending any of our auctions, you must register with our auction office to make a bid. You will be asked to produce photographic ID and proof of current address these should be in one of the forms listed below:


For Company Registration

Personal identification as shown here along with a current business card or letterhead is required. If more than one person is to be bidding for your company please inform our staff at the time of registering. Complete the registration card (IN CAPITAL LETTERS) marking your preferred method of payment, remembering to sign it at the bottom. Visitors from the EC or outside Europe are required to lodge a deposit of £1000 (sterling) at time of registration.


On-site bidders require photo ID with current address to register. If no ID, £500 deposit may be accepted at our discretion.

Once our registration team are satisfied that everything is in order you will be given a bid number. You are now ready to bid on the items in the auction. Remember that you are responsible for the item knocked down to your number from the fall of the hammer, so you should arrange insurance as soon as possible.

All lots purchased are subject to a buyer’s premium at the following rates, per item:

All lots (exc cars) are subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20% (This is applied to all UK customers.)