News - McGill Electrical Van Disposal Auction

McGill Electrical Van Disposal Auction

Following on from the recent demise of Dundee based firm McGill Electrical, Morris Leslie Auctions has been instructed to dispose of their sizeable fleet of vehicles on behalf of Ogilvie Fleet. At this Wednesday’s (27th) Light commercial auction and plant auction there will be over 40 McGill vans with the rest to follow through out auctions in March.  The McGill vans will be joining similar vans direct from Ogilvie Fleet, Scottish Water, Scottish Councils, Government bodies, Main Agents and many more. With both McGills and Ogilvie Fleet vans in high demand, the auction is likely to generate a lot of demand both locally and nationally, with auctioneer Gregor Leslie stating, “Wednesday will be one of our busiest Light Commercial Vehicle auctions yet, the sad closure of McGills will bring a lot of attention to the auction and provide buyers with a real opportunity to get quality vehicles at a very good price. Their fleet was made up of Renault Trafics, Masters, Kangoos, and Trafic 9 seat Mini buses, all in white, aged between 2013-2017”

The McGill’s vans are expected to go on sale just after lunch time, whilst the Plant & Commercial Vehicle Auction begins at 10.30am at Errol Airfield, PH2 7TB. For more information visit the catalogue.