Storage With Added ProtectionProviding Peace Of Mind

Whether it is for additional secure office storage, archive storage or on-site safe storage we have something from this range to suit your needs. The anti-vandal range and high security storage units can be built with many special security features:

  • Multi-locking door mechanisms
  • Integral five lever locking systems (no padlocks required)

The shipping container range is pre-manufactured standard container units with the usual features which usually require an external padlock for final security. Morris Leslie offer New & pre-owned shipping containers in excellent condition ex our own company fleet or direct from the manufacturer.

Security Features

The shipping range is premanufactured standard container units with the usual security features:

  • Forged and galvanised locking bars
  • Steel plates made of Corten steel
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Various sizes available

Shipping Containers come in the following sizes:-

  • 20` L x 8` W x 8` H
  • 30` L x 8` W x 8` H
  • 40` L x 8` W x 8` H
  • 45` L x 8` W x 8` H

All the above also come as a ‘high cube’ versions, the difference being the height of each is increased from 8` to 9` 6’