Quality ManufactureTo Your Specification

We have been supplying modular buildings since the 1980’s and have gained a reputation as a trusted, reliable and professional company offering the highest standards of workmanship to both our retail and trade customers.


Our individual building modules are manufactured in a controlled in-house factory environment, are fully relocatable and can be made to suit your own requirements/specifications. They are constructed to meet your indicated needs using steel, timber or a combination of both as required/specified.


Whether it’s for offices, hospital wards or children’s nurseries these buildings are a fast, cost effective way to create space

Pre-manufactured PrecisionBut With traditional Finesse

Delivered in pre manufactured form, modular buildings provide high quality open areas from single to four storeys high.


Built to meet full building standards they can incorporate features you would expect to see on a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ building and suitable as a long term, permanent structure. Ideal for accommodating large numbers of occupants within open plan areas.

Fast Track ConstructionEfficient Logistics

A true fast track construction, our Modular Offices will serve your needs in exactly the same way as traditional bricks and mortar and can be manufactured in one, two or multiple storey configurations to suit your needs. A further advantage over traditional build is the ease of relocation if required.


Existing structures can be extended, altered in shape or even doubled in size easily and at a relatively low cost, thus our buildings can grow with your business or be resold having served their purpose rather than be potentially tied up in difficult property negotiations in the future.

Recycled Modular Offices Available