From site offices to pop-up shops, we all know that bricks and mortar isn’t always an option, which is why our modular buildings and affordable accommodation packages are tailored to suit your specific requirements. With more than 25 years’ of modular buildings experience and expertise at our fingertips, we’ll find the right building to suit your budget.

Come and visit us at Errol Airfield, Perthshire to see over 80 cabins in stock and 15 different working applications from a national head office with 35 linked cabins, to a busy shopping arcade through to a modern café in a rich blue and red exterior to stacked showrooms providing picturesque views of the Perthshire hills. Our modular buildings have everything a traditional build has, minus the cost and time involved.

Why We Lead The Way

We established the modular building division in the 1980s and have a trusted reputation for delivering buildings that exceed our customer’s expectations. Whatever you require we can provide a versatile solution from concept through to installation.




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