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Health & Safety Policy

Purpose of this policy
To share and communicate our commitment to provide a place of work that is secure and free from harm, by preventing damage, injury, and ill health. This policy applies to all Morris Leslie Plant Hire locations, wherever their operations are carried out and is reviewed and, if necessary, revised annually.


Our Commitment
We are committed to creating an environment in which no one is harmed, and we all go home safe, every day; we do it safely and responsibly, or not at all. Our goal is to keep our people, our customers and the public safe by effective risk management and leadership, promoting high standards of health, safety, and wellbeing in the workplace and in all our activities.


Achieving our commitment
We are committed to continuously improving and creating a strong and sustainable culture of health, safety, and wellbeing across all our activities by:

  • Deploying the best leadership and management structure required to deliver this policy
  • Appointing a Compliance Manager responsible for providing competent advice and guidance
  • Complying with all legislation, regulations, and codes of practice relevant to our business
  • Identifying and providing adequate information and training to ensure workers are competent to do their work and activities expected of them
  • Engaging and consulting with workers at all appropriate levels, on health and safety issues
  • Identifying and controlling the risks arising from our operational activities
  • Implementing robust processes for the investigation of incidents and the capture of lessons learned to improve procedures and reduce potential re-occurrence
  • Implementing robust health and safety management systems and ensuring they are communicated and maintained
  • Ensuring our supply chain partners meet the standards we set
  • Ensuring all our workers understand their responsibilities for their own Health and Safety as well as their colleagues and anyone else affected by our activities
  • Monitoring and assuring our performance to verify that we are fully compliant with applicable legislation, requirements, and expectations


The Morris Leslie Plant Hire Board are responsible for establishing this policy and for monitoring and reviewing the health and safety performance of Morris Leslie Plant Hire Ltd. The Managing Director is responsible for implementing this policy.


Graham Ogilvie (Managing Director, Morris Leslie Plant Hire Ltd)

October 2020